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    Field in fixed-width, delimited report file gets truncated

    MonUserCJ _

      Hey all,


      I am observing strange behavior in Monarch and I wanted to raise the issue to improve my understanding.


      So, I have a report file that can be considered both delimited and fixed-width. The fields are enclosed in quotes and separated from each other by tildes (~'s), but each field is also padded with spaces so that the entries for a given field are always the same width.


      I thought this was no problem, and decided to open the report file as a database for simplicity's sake. However, one thing I noticed is that one of the fields in a large report is occasionally being truncated. I checked to ensure that the display width was wide enough--it is. And the data is present in the report, but is being truncated in Monarch.


      This isn't such a big deal, as I suppose I can open the file as a report and work with it that way. However, I have been opening most of the report files for this project as databases. The observed behavior is causing me to worry that other reports may have been affected.


      Can someone explain what might be happening? Again, this is a very large report (file size is about 30 megs). Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix it while processing the report file as a database. Also, is there a test I can run that would alert me to issues like these (e.g. something about checking table values?).


      I would appreciate any advice that anyone can provide.