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    Trapping Field Data for Column Headings

    LarryQ _

      I have trapped report data "2010", "January" "123,456" and have given them the field properties name of - YEAR, MONTH and PAID LOSSES  which would be their column heading name for example. I would like to display the trapped data for the YEAR and MONTH as part of the column heading for PAID LOSSES.

      The column headings would look something like this:


      YEAR..........MONTH..........PAID LOSSES..........PAID LOSSES..........PAID LOSSES

      ......................................January 2010.........January 2011..........January 2012


      (Ignore the periods. I just used them so the format of the column headings would stay aligned.)


        Is this possible?

      And if so any suggestions would be greately appreciated so I hope this makes sense.

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          OddJob _

          Hi Larry


          I think this should be possible by creating a calculated field that takes the Month and Year as text and adds them to the words 'Paid Losses.

          You should then be able to summarise by this field, using the option to display values accross in the summary, rather than down.


          Hope this makes sense, as I haven't had much time to look at this for you.

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              Olly Bond



              Yes, as OddJob suggests, although you could create one dummy field as "PAID LOSSES", and have another key field with the date, then summarise with the option to display All, Accross by Key (from v10 upwards).


              Best wishes,



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                  LarryQ _

                  Thank you both for your input but could you elaborate or maybe send an example.

                  If I understand you both correctly OddJob your are working from the table window and Olly you are working from the summary window?

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                      Data Kruncher

                      Yes, both solutions by OddJob and Olly would begin with work in the Table by creating a calculated field and then the new field would be included in the summary.


                      I had the same idea as OddJob but OddJob was first to post.


                      As an example, let's look at the Classical Music Distributors sample reports.


                      First, we add a Period calculated field, based on the ShipDate from the report:



                      Next, we build a field PaidLosses that a summary can use as an across key field:

                      "Paid Losses" + chr(13) +



                      Now all that is necessary is to include PaidLosses as a key field in the summary, and on it's Display tab set it to appear across the top of the summary, and size the row large enough to see a two line heading row.