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    Fields not exporting

    twilliams _

      I recently upgrading to version 11.1.  The issue I'm having is when I export to excel not all of my summary is exporting. 


      My summary includes three key values, one of which is a calculated field, and then one measure of a count.


      Branch #, Branch Name, Date (This is a calculated field DATE()), Count


      The only fields that export using version 11.1 are the Branch # and Branch Name.  The date and the count do not pass through to excel.


      To test to see if it was a version 11.1 issue I ran the same project in 10.5 with no issues all fields exported as expected.

        • Fields not exporting
          Olly Bond

          Hello twilliams,


          I'm presuming the Date is an Item field and the Count is a Measure?


          Do summaries from other models show the same behaviour on your system?


          What options for Excel exporting do you have applied? xls? xlsx? with drillable heirarchy? export at current/most detailed level?


          If you can send me the files I'd happily have a look.


          Best wishes,