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    How to get Monarch to successfully parse city/state/zip strings where zip is missing

    MonUserCJ _

      Hey all,


      Monarch's Address block feature is useful, but one thing that surprises me about it is that it does a poor job of picking out state abbreviations in cases where a zip code is missing.


      If I setup an address block to parse out city, state, and zip from a field containing that information, it usually works fine. However, if the zip code is missing, it never gets the state and city right. I would think that, at the least, it would be able to pick out the state abbreviation regardless.


      Instead, it usually puts the state abbreviation in the city spot, and the city gets discarded. I realize I can use calculated fields to fix this, but it's a bit of a hassle. Is there some way I can modify the address block to treat cases where zip is missing bettter?


      If not, has anyone found a way to modify the source field to get it to work properly? I would appreciate any advice anyone can give.



        • How to get Monarch to successfully parse city/state/zip strings where zip is missing
          Data Kruncher

          Keep in mind that the following is a completely untested, off the top of my head idea, and might not be worth the digital ink with which it was written.


          What about maybe first building a calculated field that tests if the last character in the initial address block field is numeric (so the field already has a zip code)? If it is, great, use that. But if it isn't, then add a fake one, say all 9's, to the initial address block field.


          Now run that calculated field through the wizard, and have one last calculated field that checks to see if the Zip code field generated by the wizard is all 9's and if it is display no value ("" or Null 1/0 for Numerics), otherwise use the real zip, then hide the generated Zip field.


          Worth trying maybe?