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    Job Offer near Munich Monarch Spezialist/Teamlead with Finance background

    Oli _


      I'm a department Manager in a comany near Munich. And I'm searching for somebody, which supports us in our finance workarounds with Monarch 10.5 (Datwatch) and Transacationshuttle (Winshuttle).


      I'm searching for somebody how has  a finance background/basics with a combination of technical Profile.

      The ratio would be 80 % (Monarch/Transactionshuttle)

      and 20 % Finance realted jobs.


      You would be loacated in a department with 130 Headcounts with a strong transactional orientation as a Specialist. If you have experience in Teamlead funcions it would be possible to create a team as well.


      If it sound interest for you or you know somebody how has might interest in a change, feel free to forward this job posting.  I happy to receive an email with your contact data.


      Kind Regards