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    why do I get blank fields in the 1st line of  my table view

    SueK _

      I have this problem a lot & can't figure out why.  I've reread the book & help pages but I'm obviously missing something.  Usually I can just match up the columns after I've exported to Excel but the report & model I'm building today is too complicated. 


      I can't find the # icon to turn on code to put in my examples... maybe that gives you an inkling of my experience... hah.. If anyone can guide the blind me I'd appreciate it.


      Monarch 9.00 Pro

      trying to model for txt report to excel



      530-332-6320 if you're so inclined...

        • why do I get blank fields in the 1st line of  my table view
          Olly Bond

          Hello Sue,


          You don't need the # to post a sample, just square brackets and CODE as per my signature. Or email me.


          Sounds like you might have some templates mixed up, or have accidentally hidden some fields.


          Let's start with the basics - are you working with a report as your input data or are you working with a database? Are you exporting to Excel from the Table window or from the Summary?


          Best wishes,




          Edit - issue fixed by converting Append templates to Footers.