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    Upgrading from 8.0 to 11.0

    Royal _

      I posted this on Monarch forum and got two great replies, but they do not know how Monarch Data Pump would respond.


      We are using Monarch Pro 8.0 and Data pump 8.0.

      We want to upgrade the software to 11.0 or higher since our version in no longer supported in our organization, but the Clients (who create Models) refuse to do it since the last time the software was upgraded (7.0 to 8.0), they had to recreate all Models.


      I can not believe that an upgrade to a more recent version of the software would really require everything to be redone, but I thought I should ask.


      Could somebody please let me know what changes to the original Models, Projects, and Processes would be needed in case of upgrade to a more recent version?

        • Upgrading from 8.0 to 11.0
          Olly Bond

          Hello Royal,


          We've upgraded DataPump from v9 to v10 - and are planning to upgrade to v11 in a few months. Everything posted on the Monarch forum is accurate - Utility will let you convert your .od files to .xmod files easily, same for .prj to .xprj. But If you're running v8 already that shouldn't be a problem.


          The tricky bit will be migrating the processes that you have defined in DataPump v8. I'm assuming that you're running with DataPump connected to a SQL Server? The upgrade should work smoothly from v8 to v9, fvrom v9 to v10 etc, but I think you might want to ask Datawatch's own services department for confirmation that the installation routine for v11 of DataPump will pick up the processes from the SQL database.


          There's a nice feature in v10 of DataPump that allows you to export all processes as an XML file, and then import them into another instance, which is helpful if you run a development environment next as well as a production environment and want to take a process from one to the other after testing.


          Hope this helps,