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    Upgrading from 8.0 to 11.0

    Royal _

      We are using Monarch Pro 8.0 and Data pump 8.0.

      We want to upgrade the software to 11.0 or higher since our version in no longer supported in our organization, but the Clients (who create Models) refuse to do it since the last time the software was upgraded (7.0 to 8.0), they had to recreate all Models.


      I can not believe that an upgrade to a more recent version of the software would really require everything to be redone, but I thought I should ask.


      Could somebody please let me know what changes to the original Models, Projects, and Processes would be needed in case of upgrade to a more recent version?

        • Upgrading from 8.0 to 11.0
          elginreigner _

          I am not on 11, 10.5 pro here, but all the models created in 8.0 have worked through our upgrades to 9.0 and 10.0/10.5. Of the testing I did with 11, everything worked fine so far.


          I can understand their frustration if they need to redo it, however, the end result will probably be better. THere has been so much added in the last few versions, that you're missing out on new features.


          I cannot speak for Data Pump.

            • Upgrading from 8.0 to 11.0
              Data Kruncher

              Hello Royal, and welcome to the forum.


              The format of the model and project files changed with the introduction of v8, moving from the old plain text files which were similar in nature to the old Windows .ini file structure, to an XML format.


              Still, if the included Monarch Utility would have been used (I'm assuming that it wasn't), the old .mod model files would have converted by automatically by the Utility, without the need for manual recreation of the files. I've never heard of the Monarch Utility not being able to convert an old model file to the new format.


              Similarly, project files could have been converted to the .xprj XML format and could have been updated to utilize the newly created .xmod files, all with the Monarch Utility.


              It's [B]usually[/B][/I] a pretty painless process.


              You'll find that Monarch v11 will utilize the .xmod and .xprj files that you already have without difficulty. Like Elgin, I cannot speak to Monarch Data Pump.


              Also, I'll reiterate Elgin's statement concerning missing out on the new features. Much has been added to Monarch since v8, and, IMHO, the benefits outway the costs enormously. I'd go so far as to say that organizations are doing themselves a disservice by not upgrading.


              As an example, here is a summary of the [URL="http://********************/tips/new-year-new-features"]features introduced in Monarch v10[/URL].