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    Multi Line Model Problems

    bminer _


      I'm trying to create a model on a report similar to this (I had to just change one of the Monarch sample reports because of the sensitivity of my data).


      My memo field for "Description of Service" doesn't seem to be set up right (I don't have a ton of experience with the memo fields).  My memo field seems to pick up the line of dashes (i.e. "----

      ") as there is a line of dashes printed at the end of each client.


      Also, as there is no blank line between the page header, so I end up picking up some of that in my memo field as well.


      Does anyone have some tips for me?


      06/01/06                 Rice, Beane & Tortalini Associates             Page 01  

                                    Client Time and Expenses                           

                                  Period: 05/01/06 - 05/31/06                                                                               

      CLIENT: JOHN DOE AND ASSOCIATES                                                  

      DATE      ID     HRS   RATE      AMOUNT    DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE          REF#  

      05/02/06  NR     .20   180.00     36.00    Return telephone call to       12632  

                                                 N. Healy regarding motion             

                                                 for summary judgment hearing          


      05/02/06  JB     .20   185.00     37.00    Telephone conference with      14454  

                                                 R. Tepperman regarding                

                                                 motion for summary judgment           

                                                 hearing date.                         

      05/03/06  JB     .20   185.00     37.00    Telephone conference with R.    5646  

                                                 Tepperman regarding motion            

                                                 for summary judgment.                 




      05/03/06  NR     .30   180.00     54.00    Telephone call from Mr.          178  

                                                 Healy regarding status on             

                                                 motion for summary judgment.          

      05/04/06  NR     .40   180.00     72.00    Telephone call from N. Healy     198  

                                                 regarding response to motion          

                                                 for summary judgment;                 

                                                 conference with N. Healy              

                                                 regarding reply.                      

      05/04/06  DT    1.10   100.00    110.00    Conference with N. Healy        4616  

                                                 regarding Stearn's response           

                                                 to motion for Summary                 

                                                 judgment; review response.            

      06/01/06                 Rice, Beane & Tortalini Associates             Page 02  

                                    Client Time and Expenses                           

                                  Period: 05/01/06 - 05/31/06                                                                               

      05/04/06  JB     .40   185.00     74.00    Conference with R. Tepperman    5648  

                                                 and M. Smith regarding motion         

                                                 for summary judgment.                 




      05/05/06  JB    3.20   185.00    592.00    Review of plaintiff's           3776  

                                                 memorandum; conference with           

                                                 R. Tepperman and M. Smith             

                                                 regarding reply brief; work           

                                                 on reply brief.                       

      05/08/06  JB    9.50   185.00   1757.50    Work on reply brief.            3778  

      05/08/06  DT    7.20   100.00    720.00    Legal research regarding        4632  

                                                 wrongful discharge and                

                                                 whistleblowing; draft reply           


      05/09/06  DT    5.20   100.00    520.00    Reply brief; conference with     592  

                                                 R. Tepperman and N. Healy             

                                                 regarding same; file Brief.           



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        • Multi Line Model Problems
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Ben,


          You're going to need all of [URL="http://********************/extract/understanding-template-types"]Monarch's four template types[/URL] for this one.


          Starting with a single line detail template. I built the trap using the NN.NN structure of the amount field.


          Add an append template for the client name. Only a single line is required for this one.


          Select the four lines for the page header (may as well include the blank line below your titles). Make this a Page Header template. Paint any fields that want here.


          Finally, select your row of dashes, and trap on, say, dashes in the first three positions. Good enough. Make this a Footer template, but don't paint any fields for this template. Monarch will give you a warning prompt, but it's OK.


          Adding the page header and footer templates will stop your memo fields from running into areas in which they don't belong.


          That should do it for you.


          Let us know if you have any further questions or problems.