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    Lookup and/or grouping Problem

    Oli _

      I have different groups of company codes, like:






      These groups maybe exists with 3 or 4 complany codes or only 2.

      In this example the S035 is the Main Company and the S036,S037,S038 are the Subsidiaries of S035.

      In my table the S035 has different supplier-nr. And the relevant Suppliers are already flagged.


      Now I like to give a the corresponding company codes S036,S037 and S038 the supliers a flag which have been flagged in S035, too.


      How can I deal with that situation ?


      I tried to make a internal lookup, but it failed. Because I only have on criteria "company code" for that.

      Who can help ?




        • Lookup and/or grouping Problem
          Olly Bond

          Hello Oli,


          This is easily done in a two pass solution - create a summary, which lists the main company and the subsidiaries:


          S035 - S035

          S035 - S036

          S035 - S037

          S035 - S038

          S041 - S042

          S041 - S043[/Code]


          Export this to an Access table or Excel worksheet.


          Then in your main model, make and external lookup to this table and join on the Subsidiary key to import the relevant Main key field.