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    New To monarch need assistance!

    jasonz _

      Hi Folks,


      New to monarch and I need help with the following.. I have a bunch of text that I need to grab from a pdf file that is basically setup as follows:


      System Description:                texttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttext








      I need to capture the text's from the point that it starts to basically to where the word "available" begins. I am brand new to monarch and the version I am using is 11.


      The issue is that the data to capture can be multyple lines with multyple blank spaces seperating, the format isnt standard in the document. I basically need a capture till "available" is found.


      Thank you


        • New To monarch need assistance!
          Olly Bond

          Hi Jason, and welcome,


          You can do this with two tricks. First, define your field of text that you want to capture, using a Detail template, with the field set to type Memo. In the Advanced tab of the Field Properties, set the field to end on "none of the above".


          This first trick means you'll grab the data for each bit of text and the field will go on forever, or at least until the next Detail template is encountered.


          Now for the second trick - define a new template of type Footer that traps for the word "Available". You don't have to define any fields for this template if you don't need to. This will act as a "stopper" and your Detail fields will end when a line with Available in is encountered.


          Hope this helps,