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    Field Properties

    matixsnow1 _

      I captured a field with a value of 123456.  I want this field to display as follows: $1234.56.  Is this possible in the Field Properties window in Monarch? or do I need to use a Calculated Field?



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          Olly Bond

          Hello Matixsnow,


          You do need a calculated field if you have no decimal character in the report to separate dollars and cents. Assume your field is called , then in the table window, define a new formula-based calculcated field called defined as:




          In the field properties of NewField, select numeric, 2 decimals, and format as Currency. The currency will use the Regional Settings of your local Windows environment, which I assume will show $ in your location.


          Hope this helps,



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            Data Kruncher

            Hello again,


            You'll do this with the Field Properties window (which is the same for report window fields as well as calculated fields, by the way).


            Just set data type to Numeric, and the format to Currency.


            Now, it bears mentioning that this approach is tied to your computer's regional settings in Windows, so the actual formatting will differ based on your locale.


            Specifically, in the U.S., the default should appear as $1,234.56. Now if you really want $1234.56 (without the comma), you can alter the format in the Windows Control Panel, or we can set out to build a calculated field. Of course, altering the format in your Control Panel will affect all applications that make use of the "global" settings, such as this.


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