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    Multi Lines Field

    Jean-Pierre Clermont


      We managed to extract all the lines for a specific memo field but all the lines are returned in one field. The number of lines in that field can vary. We used field property tab. So if we want Monarch to create a field for every line, how do we do that?

      Thank you

        • Multi Lines Field
          Data Kruncher

          Bonjour Jean-Pierre, and welcome to the forum.


          To extract the text that appears on each individual line of a multi-line field, you'll need to use Monarch's [URL="http://********************/calcfield/a-challenging-reinforcement"]TextLine function[/URL].


          If your Memo field has as many as 10 lines, for example, then you'll need to build 10 calculated fields. The syntax is quite simple. TextLine(MyField,1) will return the text of the first line. TextLine(MyField,3) will return the text of the third line, and TextLine(MyField,10) will return the text of the 10th line.


          Should MyField only have five lines of text, TextLine(MyField) will return an empty string (""), not a null value.


          TextLine also has an alternate syntax that employs a "search mode". Grant Perkins nicely described that usage [URL="http://********************/calcfield/favorite-functions-and-features"]here[/URL].


          Let us know if you need additional assistance.