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    Appends apending to wrong detail

    ZacTechz _

      Not sure how to explain this, but my table is producing invalid data.  My row one always has a blank in the appended field, and rows after that are staggered down one row, and the last append value is missing. 


      It should be:

      1  1

      2  2

      3  3


      But I get:

      1  []

      2  1

      3  2


      I have tried searching but its difficult to describe.


      Thanks in advance

        • Appends apending to wrong detail
          ZacTechz _

          I believe the "guru trap" Fixed this for the most part, but I have a field that does not have a fixed preceding string I can lock on to.  thoughts?

            • Appends apending to wrong detail
              Joe Berry

              It sounds as if you are defining your detail and append data in the reverse order.  The append data must precede the detail data in the report or what you describe is the outcome.  Change your detail template to an append template and your append template to your detail template. 


              I may have not read your issue correctly, so if I am way off base, please add a snippet of data.  That will make the issue easier to solve.

                • Appends apending to wrong detail
                  Grant Perkins

                  As Joe says a sample record or two may be required here so that options can be assessed. It's quite likely that something specific about the format or even the content of the report may be important for successfull identification.


                  Meanwhile, if you think it might work AND would be consistent enough to make use of it, a preceding string can be defined as a number of spaces. Only the first occurrence would be identified. Sometimes that works, sometimes not


                  Another approach to that kind of problem is to look at the potential for extract data as a block  - perhaps multiple lines or multiple fields across a line - and then using calculated fields and Monarch text slice and dice functions to separate the data into required fields.


                  There are usually a lot of options - it's a case of finding the easiest/quickest/simplist to maintain.