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    Datapump does not run although services are "running"

    rsbeatty _

      I have several processes that are set to fire off at midnight.  When checking the output today, I noticed not of the files had processed.  I looked at the Server Status in Datapump and the Process Queue Entries had 54 items, but nothing was happening.  I checked all of the error logs, and nothing showed up.  I shutdown the Pump, and Stopped the service, and immediatly started the service and Datapump.  The jobs were picked up and ran successfully. 


      This has happened a few times in the past.   I was wondering, can you shutdown datapump and the service using a normal task scheduler in order to "bounce" datapump on a nighly basis?


      Or better yet, has anyone experienced, and solved this issue?


      Thanks in advance.  Next step will be to reach out to support.