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    New Page Causes Problems

    Allen _

      How can I capture a full field when headings at the top of the following page cause my append template to believe a new record has begun?


      2910001 RDOW, JULIE                   9/16/11  6:02  COMMENT BY: SMITH, JANE W                                               CERN

                                                           UPDATED                                                                 CERN

                                        1   9/26/11  7:12  BILLED: 09/23/01 $135             $C  NON MCARE EL CLM FLD  10/21/11    BILL

                                        1                  MEDICAID     PRIMARY                                                    BILL

                                        1                  POLICY: 521276848  PROVIDER: 1033120423                                 BILL

      2910002 QDOW, JANICE                  9/17/11 11:54  COMMENT BY: SMITH, GLADYS             HARP / CARRIER PMT                CERN

                                                           PT PUT TO RM 115 AS OP IN A BED TO DR SMITH, AMGENNEVER FAXE            CERN

                                                           D                                                                       CERN

                                            9/17/11 12:54  COMMENT BY: SMITH, KAYLI J                                              CERN

                                                           STATUS CHANGED TO IP. FAXED                                             CERN

                                            9/17/11 16:15  AUTHORIZATION DATA                                                      *CAN

                                                           PRE-CERT #: 05777                                                       *CAN

                                                           AUTHORIZATION #:                                                        *CAN

                                                           AUTH START DATE:                                                        *CAN

                                                           AUTH END DATE:                                                          *CAN

                                                           PAYOR PLAN DESC:      MGD TO JUMP 051                                   *CAN

                                                           CREATION DATE: 777                                                      *CAN

                                                           COB DESCRIPTION:                                                        *CAN

                                                           PRE-CERT START:                                                         *CAN

                                                           PRE-CERT END:                                                           *CAN

                                                           VBAC                                                                    CERN

                                                           VBAC                                                                    CERN

                                            9/22/11  6:50  Charge audit issue added.                                               AHSS

                                                           MISSING OR LEVEL OR PACU OR ANESTHSIA CHARGE.                           AHSS

      ISSUE DATE: 10/06/11                  H U G U L E Y   M E M O R I A L   H O S P I T A L  #52                  PROGRAM-ID: BACB03

      ISSUE TIME: 14.03.40                DEMAND      COLLECTION NOTES LISTING                                      PAGE-NUMBER:  4808

                                                PATIENT REP      ** UNASSIGNED **                                                                               

      FROM  9/01/11 TO  9/30/11                                                        

      ACCOUNT PATIENT NAME            CYC COMMENT  COMMENT COMMENT TEXT                    ***** ACTION *****         FOLLOW UP   SEC C

      NUMBER                           #   DATE     TIME                                   CODE  DESCRIPTION             DATE         

      2910002 QDOW, JANICE                                 09/18/11     GYN-LEVEL 2 UP TO 1 HR     305-1183                        AHSS

                                            9/22/11 11:16  AUTHORIZATION DATA                                                      *CAN

                                                           PRE-CERT #: 05777Y                                                      *CAN



      In this report I am capturing a detail template with the trap "charge audit issue added." starting in position 54. I grab the "COMMENT DATE" and "COMMENT TIME." An append trap captures the "ACCOUNT NUMBER" and "PATIENT NAME" with a "ÑßØ" trap at position 9. A footer trap captures the "COMMENT TEXT" with a "ß" trap at position 39 and a "Ø" trap at position 54. This field starts on Line 1 and ends on Line 2 in the Advance tab of the Field Properties. It starts at position 54 and is 60 characters by 2 rows long. This works except when a page break creates a "new" append template as seen in the 3rd row from the bottom of the sample.


      I would really appreciate help with this.