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    Remote Administration Problem

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      I have successfully installed Data Pump Pro 10.5 on my server.  I have it running under a domain user account that I created for this purpose.  I set Data Pump up to connect to a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance on another computer using SQL authentication. Everything works fine when I do administration from the server.


      Next, I installed the Data Pump Pro Web Service.  This created two new user groups: DataPumpAdmins and DataPumpUsers.  I added my account to the DataPumpAdmins group. 


      Last, I installed Data Pump Remote Administrator on my client computer.


      Problem:[/B] When I run the remote admin tool, I get this message:


      "Unable to connect to Monarch Data Pump database.  Please correct connection string and/or password."


      The MMC console opens but nothing shows, leading me to believe that we are not reaching Data Pump.


      Another curious thing, when I open my browser and navigate to the web service (http://MyServer/MonarchDataPumpUser[/url]), I get a "500 - Internal Server Error".  If memory serves, 500 means that the resource is being found but cannot be displayed for some reason.


      It is probably a security thing but I do not know.  Any ideas?




        • Remote Administration Problem
          StevenBell _

          Ok, so this is what I ended up doing to make remote admin work (this is in addition to everything that is listed in the installation guide):


          1. On the server, there are for virtual IIS folders that get created:

          c:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch Data Pump\WebAdmin

          c:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch Data Pump\WebAdminService

          c:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch Data Pump\WebService

          c:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch Data Pump\WebUserService


          In each of these folders, I modified the web.config file so that custom errors are turned off:




          *Note that this is the account that you specified the service should run under when you installed Data Pump.


          Last, I added write permissions for the service account to the .Net temporary files folders, which on my server are located at:

          C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files


          Wow, it actually works!