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    Command Line Options - Eval Version

    offpiste.reese _



      I downloaded the eval version of Monarch to use until my client purchases a copy.  I am trying to use the command line to open a report.  Monarch starts, but does not load the report, which happens to be a PDF.  Does anyone know if this is a limitation of the Eval version?  Below is the command I am running.


      "C:\Program Files\Datawatch\MonarchTry\Program\monarch.exe" /rpt:"C:\Projects\zzzzzzzz\yyyyyyyy\xxxxx.pdf"


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.



        • Command Line Options - Eval Version
          KeyserSoze _

          I am not yet using v11, but using your sample with v10.5 opens the PDF file in v10's PDF Import Options dialog, so I [I]assume /I[/B]that the command line options have been limited by design for the evaluation version, though I cannot see that explicitly documented on any Datawatch web page.


          I'd be shocked to learn that the full version of v11 has a problem with such a command line.

            • Command Line Options - Eval Version
              Olly Bond

              Hello Dan


              I can recall "Monarch Lite" - which was Monarch v5 Standard cut down to handle 32k. So to have a trial version of Monarch Pro - with PDF input, external lookups, etc - is a privilege! Unfortunately, it does come with one restriction - it won't support automation, via COM or via batch file.


              If you'd like any advice on "can Monarch do this?" or a view on the server (DataPump) or browser versions of Monarch, I'd be happy to help.


              Best wishes