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    CR/LF added to begin/end of file/fields

    elginreigner _

      I have a model that rips apart a report into 3 parts, simply, header, monthly and detail.


      Each part is a memo field. For testing purposes, I combined the fields into one large field and export it as a test file, fixed width. When I open the file, (notepad++), there are extra CR/LF at the beginning and end of file. Also, there is a tab delimiter before the extra values.


      Is this from the memo lines? Can I remove the extra CR/LF/tab?


      They are not padded fields, the option is turned off anyway. Ideas?

        • CR/LF added to begin/end of file/fields
          Olly Bond

          Hello elginreigner,


          Nice spot - I can replicate this in 10.5 Pro. I've not needed to export Memo fields to fixed-width text before but it does seem slightly odd behaviour.


          You can certainly get rid of the extra tabs - use the Monarch Utility that ships with Monarch (it's in the Monarch Program folder) and select the option "Prepare files for Monarch", then Replace all instances of the string /9/13/10 with /13/10. Getting rid of duplicate CRLFs is then just replacing /13/10/13/10 with /13/10.


          This can all be called from a batch file if you need to automate this.


          Hope this helps,



            • CR/LF added to begin/end of file/fields
              elginreigner _



              Thanks for the reply. It's not a normal setup for me, I need to insert data into the middle of the report. The memo fields worked perfect, they just had these side affects. I will only be running this model once a quarter. It won't be too much trouble to manually remove them.

              I tried to code every which way around this, I thought it was internal to Monarch, which is not the case.


              Oh well, thanks for confirming this.