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    Nulls In My Summary

    Kamawell2 _

      I've got a model that takes a number of plain text reports and adds an additional field from an external look up (the lookup points at an Excel sheet and is used successfully in most of the reports I run.)  Everything appears correctly in the table view but when the report is split in to a number of summaries most of the entries appear as null.  The only two that don't are the field from the external lookup and the field that is used to match the source with the lookup.  The summaries are based on filters that in turn are based on the value of the field from the lookup table.


      I've got lots of models that do the same thing successfully, using the same field from the same lookup table.  I just can't see what's wrong with this one!  Does anyone have any ideas?





        • Nulls In My Summary
          Olly Bond

          Hello Andy,


          I saw this happen in a recent model - again, it's intermittent. I was able to fix it by defining a calculated field based on the lookup field. Monarch seemed to be happier making filters and summaries from this copy. If the field you fetch from the external source is called , define either just as , or if(isnull(=1;0;[ExcelField]) in case you want to clean up null values at the same time, and then filters and summaries based on should work fine.


          Hope this helps,