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    Export To Excel - Blank Fields

    DJS _

      I recently upgraded from version 9 to version 11 and I'm now having difficulties with the Excel files that I'm exporting.  It appears that blank fields aren't really blank fields?


      When using the vlookup command a value of 0 (zero) will be returned when the lookup references a field that is blank.  However, now it actually returns nothing (blank) indicating that there something in the field ... like a space?


      If I go to the cell that the lookup is referencing and hit the delete key the vlookup then updates and returns a 0 (zero) as expected.


      I don't have this issue when exporting from version 9.


      Any help would be appreciated.



        • Export To Excel - Blank Fields
          DJS _

          The COUNTA function returns the same result.  The blank fields are being counted.  This should be easy for some of you to confirm.



            • Export To Excel - Blank Fields
              Olly Bond

              Hello DJS,


              A blank field that actually contains a NULL value is handled differently. You can overcome this in two ways:


              - In the Summary, select the Options > View to show Null values as 0^or as " ", and then export to CSV format. Excel should read this correctly as a zero or space as desired.


              - In the Options > Export settings, check the version of the Excel export driver that you're using.


              Hope this helps,