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    Creating LookUp Tables in Version 11

    ARICE01 _

      I find it impossible to copy and paste rows of Input/Output values in Lookup Tables in Version 11.  I could do this very easily in lower versions of Monarch (10.5 and lower).  When creating long list of Output Values reference Input Values, the copy and paste from Excel is very helpful and powerful.  Does anyone know if this capability has been lost with Version 11?


      Thanks in advance...

        • Creating LookUp Tables in Version 11
          kbelli _

          I used to use that feature in 10.5 as well, and am unable to get it to work in 11.  This is very disappointing. 


          I suppose you could save your Excel data in a separate file, and then reference it with an external lookup - but those slow things down considerably.  The calculated lookup fields were very convenient before when you could paste a whole list into them.