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    Model for 2 section pdf report

    gewern _

      I have a multi-section report.  I have working templates for the page header which sets the date for the records and a template which gets the error detail section.


      I also need to get the Orders Process, Posted and Unposted for the day.


      Can I accomplish this in one model or do I need another model to pick up the summary.


      Sample data is below:


       Email Subject: Service Order Post Error Statistics      Page: 0001     

      Date of Processing .........: 12/19/2011          

      Environment ................: AZ-PRDCTN          

      No. of Orders Processed ....:      504     

      No. of Orders Posted .......:      470     

      No. of Unposted Orders .....:      34     

      Error Details          



      Error Code:      Error Count:      Error Message:     

      A2      3      A2 Pending ISP account found     

      TC      5      TC RES OFFLINE:ERR032: Billing order type not allowed with     

      04      1      04 Disconnect Order not posted.     

      07      1      07 Member numbers not reassigned     

      32      2      32 Line cards have not been posted.     

      33      1      33 Grp Phone Nbr has no Mbr Rec     

      45      4      45 Group number member of another group.     

      56      1      56 Invalid exchange for new cycle.     

      64      3      64 Invalid stage code     

      80      12      (Unique S/O error message - could not be generalized.)     

      98      1      98 Tfr Disc not posted-see connct error      


      I'm using Monarch version 10.5


      Any help will be appreciated.





        • Model for 2 section pdf report
          Olly Bond

          Hello GW,


          You can handle this in one model - by defining a three line sample for an Append template to pick up the No. of Orders etc lines.


          Hope this helps,



            • Model for 2 section pdf report
              Grant Perkins



              Do you need the Orders Posted, etc., as some part of the detail record or as append information for each Error line in every detail record?


              I am assuming your Errors relate to the Unposted orders so repetition of the order numbers with each error would seem to be not so useful - but then I have no idea what further analysis your extracted data will be put through!






                • Model for 2 section pdf report
                  gewern _

                  I came up with the following workaround based upon the first suggestion: I created 3 append templates, one for Orders Processed, Posted & Unposted. But each stat is now attached to each record which is not what I really wanted.  It would be preferable to have the summary stats for the report by themselves.  Then I created a summary which includes avg(stat) for each of the stats.  It gets me to the end result, but is probably not the best solution.