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    How to export certain rows of report with tabs intact

    MonUserCJ _



      I am encountering an issue where there is a report with page header and other useless info on certain rows, but other rows contain the data I want in a quite cleanly tab-delimited format. The problem is, not every row is structured like this. There are rows without tabs or with just carriage returns.


      I was wondering if there is a way of exporting the rows with tabs on them in a text file that retains the tabs. I have been unable to do this thus far. One thing that I have tried is replacing the tabs with ~ in Notepad++, exporting the rows I want to a text file, and then trying to open up the results as a database.


      However, this doesn't seem to work. I likely think it is because there are small variations in the number of tabs on the lines (because sometimes there is overflow which I don't capture though it is unimportant).


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might cleanly filter out these rows? There is always a date in the first column of the rows I want, but I can't seem to use the source filter to properly select on that. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks.

        • How to export certain rows of report with tabs intact
          KeyserSoze _

          Hi CJ,


          With such a possibly complex layout, it would help enormously if you could post a sample of your data (with any private data replaced with x's or 9's as necessary) surrounded by the [CODE] /CODE[/noparse] tags. This will help to get your challenge resolved much more quickly.


          Additionally, it would likely help to show the tab characters in your sample as the ~ character as you've described, as you won't be able to include tabs in your sample data.


          Then we can replace the ~'s with proper tab characters on our side when working toward a solution.


          Finally, if you can include a small table of how you'd like the output to appear based on your sample, that should eliminate many further questions on our part.



            • How to export certain rows of report with tabs intact
              Grant Perkins



              Anything you want to get working with TABS in the way you describe will need to be created in a consistent manner with the same number of TABS in each row. From your description, as I understand it though I could be wrong, that is not what your extraction is giving you. Indeed it sounds like the report may not be offering that consistently anyway.


              If that is the case I would be looking for a template with a trap that extracts all of the lines you want (Only those if possible, otherwise a set of rows that you can filter down to just those lines at some point) and then use Monarch's text manipulation facilities to create and populate the fields you need.


              As KeyserSoze says the sample inputs and required outputs would be very helpful for working out the possible approaches.






              Grant Perkins