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    Empty table / Monarch Pro 9.00

    az47604 _

      Hi, need your help. I requested Tech people in my company to allow me run Monarch from command line, they did it, but after few days the output table window becomes empty. I open report, open model and when switch to table view, i see no records. The header is there, but no records. This is hapenning to existing models and anytime i create a new model/template: empty table. It's not about filters. Monarch was re-installed few times and still no result. It's curious that sometimes scripts with Monarch run form command line do append data in my tables. I relly don't know how to fix this and make Monarch run in good conditions. I have installed MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser & SDK. Thank you!

        • Empty table / Monarch Pro 9.00
          Olly Bond

          Hello az,


          When you open the file manually in Monarch, and see no records in the Table view, there are two things to check.


          Either Monarch is filtering out all your records - so check you have no filter applied.


          If you still don't see records in the table, switch to report view, scroll to where the first detail record should be, and check your Detail template.