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    a2z143 _

      What formula do do I use to add 3 yrs to a date (11092011 = 11092014)?

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          Dirk Schulze

          Is the data formatted as text?


          If it is formatted as a date you can use the DateAdjust formula:  DateAdjust(date,3,0,0) - 3 is the number of year to adjust by and 0 & 0 for months and days.


          If is formatted as text the simplest way to do that is simply to convert to a value, add 3 and convert back to text:  Str(Val(11092011)+3,8,0,"0") - 8 for length, 0 for decimals & "0" for the fill character in case the month is a single digit month.


          If it is already formatted as a number then just (11092011)+3.