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    pdf files

    psamson _

      I have a problem with a pdf files, Monarch changes the display of my informations so my columns are not anymore aligned. So I need a way to create a template where Monarch will trap the informations when he meet it.





      So here is to information the invoice number and the document date.


      But somentime its is displayed like this

      11331914       9/19/2011


      Thanks for your help

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          Olly Bond

          Hello psamson,


          There a few threads about this with more detail but as a quick first step try going to Options > PDF Import and experimenting with the scaling, the PDF import engine, and the freeform/monospaced flags. Once you have a reasonably consistent space between the columns, then you can start work in the Report window.


          When you define your templates, select the Floating Trap checkbox. For help with this, try the weblog.prn / weblog.xmod files in the tutorial models that are installed with Monarch.


          Hope this helps,



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              psamson _

              Hi Olly


              It seem that the scaling not work properly.  Even if I put it at the maximum my colum stay not aligned. In fact I need to find a way to catch all the information in the line but when the information is not aligned. Also sometime the information for a field is not provided in the report.



              Ref Nbr                     Company ID                Invoice Number                   Doc Date               Invoice Date             DocType                Master Doctype/Refnbr                      Entered             Posted             Closed                                    Doc Amount                                  Doc Balance                                                                               

              031053                      03                                                         1/25/2011                                          CK                                                             01-11               01-11              01-11                                         -60.71


              050569                      03                         10036-SUNSHADES4/6/2011                        4/1/2011                            VO                                                             04-11                04-11              05-11                                     10,600.00



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                  Olly Bond

                  Hi psamson,


                  Drop me an email with the PDF file and I'll have a look. Missing fields can make things tricky when you want to use the floating trap or LSplit(Intrim()) on a block of text.


                  What version of Monarch are you using?


                  Best wishes,