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    How to extract data from the below report.

    amrutha perumal

      1. I need to extract data from multiple lines.

      2. Few records have record length of 3 lines and few has 4 lines of data.

      3. I have applaid detail trap to trap a first line of all the records.

      4. Footer template is giving me problem as the number of lines are not same.

      5. few has only one line record which has no information for footer template.

      Could any one help me to resolve my issue.


      That would be a great help. tanq

        • How to extract data from the below report.
          Olly Bond

          Hello Amrutha and welcome,


          You might be able to trap the additional lines using the Advanced tab of the Field Properties dialog. Check out the options for Preceding String, or if that doesn't work, End field on.


          Best wishes



            • How to extract data from the below report.
              amrutha perumal

              Hello olly,


              Thanks for the response. My report looks like below.



              0        .00        0        .00    Y                                                                               

              3RD  BRUCE                                     MARTIN                                                                               

              0        .00        0        .00    Y                       

                    600 W 3RD ST                                                                            ALTERNATE ID 01:E29916        

                     MANSFIELD OH                                                                          ALTERNATE ID 02:0699589       

                     44906                                                                                ALTERNATE ID 05:BRUCE         

                    PH:   (419) 522-6191                                                                  ALTERNATE ID 06:MARTIN                                                                               

              ACH  ARUN                                      ACHAREKAR                                                                               

              0        .00        0        .00    Y                       

              335 GLESSNER AVE                                                                        ALTERNATE ID 02:0642844       

              MANSFIELD OH                                                                              ALTERNATE ID 05:ARUN          

                 44903                                                                                ALTERNATE ID 06:ACHAREKAR                                                                               

              I was not able to pull out data using preceding string and end field. Could you explain me if there is any way to pull out data.

                • How to extract data from the below report.
                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Amrutha,


                  It looks like you've got a blank line in between each record - which is very helpful. Also, the second line seems to begin with "NB.N" - number, blank, period, number - which should help you get a handle on it. Define a three line template, based on the first three lines of an entry. In the trap dialog, select to trap on line 2 of 3. Enter the numeric, blank, period and blank characters as traps in the first four columns.


                  Select what fields you need from lines 1 and 2 in the normal way. Select one field for all of line 3, called say, and then double click on this field to open the Field Properties. In the Advanced tab, select "end field on"... "blank field values" - this will make the field continue until the next blank line at the end of the record.


                  Then, in th Table window, you can define calculated fields from using functions like:


                  Instr(), Extract(), Substr(), TextLine()


                  You might find the webinar on these techniques helpful: http://www.datawatch.com/_products/20100922-monarch-tips-techniques-5/index.php[/url]


                  Best wishes,