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    facebook API help.

    roger_27 _

      NOTE: I didn't mean to type Facebook API, I was doing something else at the same time. haha.




      I'm writing an application that would let the users choose which process to start from a drop down list in C#,


      but the web service cannot return to me a list of processes. It can only start a process.


      Is there some way I can ask the web service to get me a list of all the available processes?





        • facebook API help.
          mdyoung _

          Hi, Roger.


          I have not yet used the web service for Data Pump, so I cannot provide you an answer on how to retrieve a list of processes using that service. However, I do have an idea that may satisfy your need in the event you are not able to solve the web service issue.


          One way is to connect to Data Pump's SQLExpress database and run a query for the processes. Granted, you'll have to setup the SQLExpress to accept remote connections because by default, it's disabled, but it's a pretty easy thing to do. If you're not sure how to do it, here's a link:




          Here's the query I wrote to return a list of processes. It is written to exclude all processes that have their file monitoring enabled.



          USE         DWCHServer;








          FROM        dbo.PumpProcessesView


          WHERE       CHARINDEX('', ) = 0 -- Exclude monitored processes


          ORDER BY   




          Hope this helps as a backup plan.





            • facebook API help.
              roger_27 _

              thanks for the help.


              I was actually going to post today that that was what I ended up doing.


              This solution works for me, but if the web service can already make a process run if you give it the process name, then logically there should be the ability to get the list of processes available to work with. Maybe next update?


              Anyways Thanks for the reply!