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    Monarch 64bit vs 32bit location via DOS Command

    elginreigner _

      I have created many, many batch files that reference Monarch. Each is hard coded the installed location of Monarch. When I switched to 64bit, this was an issue due to the location of 32bit applications. You can change the installed location during install, but this will go against standards for each program files folder. The simples solution would be to create a symbolic link. This is basically no more than a shortcut but acts as the original folder. To accomplish this do the following:


      1) Open windows explorer to C:\Program Files

      2) Hold shift, select open command window here

      3) Type or copy and past the following into the command window

               MKLINK /D Monarch "C:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch"


      When successful, you will see "symbolic link created for Monarch \Monarch"


      Hope this helps someone.