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    DataPump Pro Questions

    ZJSoule _

      Hello all,


      We are currently using Datapump 10.5 Standard.  We have some questions about the Pro version of 10.5 and potentially 11 (if any of you Datawatch folks want to chime in).


      We've been getting conflicting answers about the standard edition being discontinued and only being able to purchase the Pro version when 11 comes out?  Can anyone confirm or deny?


      Does 10.5 Pro have multiple login capability?  ie -  If I'm logged in as a user and doing work, can another person log in as a different user and do work?


      Does DataPump Pro require exclusive read-access rights to the file it is currently using to run the job?  On Standard, if the file is in use by another person or job, the process fails.  If one person or process is using the file, and another attempts to use it, what happens?


      This is strictly a version 11 question -  We were told earlier in the year that version 11 would have multiple logins and the ability to segregate access to the jobs by department.  Is this still going to happen or has this feature been removed?