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    append/footer question

    monarchman7 _

      Hello, I'm seeing if it's possible for appends/footers to only be attached the one detail below/above them (and not the subsequent details). Example:









      I would want the "1" to footer to dog and not to anything else.


      Thanks guys, very helpful forum here.

        • append/footer question
          Olly Bond

          Hello MonarchMan,


          As ever, Monarch gives you lots of different ways to solve this. There are three you can use, depending on the characteristics of your data you can choose which fits best.


          A. Multi-line sample

          Define a two (or more if needed) line detail sample, which traps "Tree", "Bush" and "Dog" on the first line and select a field on the second line that will cover the "1". For the first two records, the field will be blank. This works if the number of lines is consistent between the detail and the instance of the relevant footer. Watch out for page breaks this way.


          B. Preceding string

          If your data had a consistent string like "Qty:" in the rows with entries like "1", then you could define a two line sample, as above, and on the second line of the selection area, paint a field to cover the "1". Click on the Advanced tab of the Field properties dialog for this and select "start on... preceding string" and enter "qty:". Now Monarch picks up the field even if the Qty: line is 2,3 or more lines away from the relevant detail. This requires a literal (not wildcard) regular string.


          C. Cleared By

          In v10 and above, you can set the Footer template to be Cleared By the Detail template, which should have the affect of making it only local to the nearest record.


          Hope this helps,