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    SetLogFile in Monarch 11

    DavidWh _

      I am currently upgrading to Monarch 11 from version 9.  I have been able to get all of my Excel and Access VBA processes to work with Monarch 11 except for the assignment of the log file.


      Below is part of the code being used in Excel.


      sLogFile = sDefaultPath & "Monarch_Elements\Log_Files\tb_log_" & sTimeStamp & ".log"

      bStatus = objMonarch.SetLogFile(sLogFile, False)[/CODE]


      When the SetLogFile statement runs, in Monarch I get the windows message "Monarch has encountered a problem and needs to close."[/QUOTE]


      Is this an issue with Monarch 11 or an issue with my environment?  We are running the desktop version of Monarch and Office 2007 on XP machines.





        • SetLogFile in Monarch 11
          Olly Bond

          Hello David,


          Again, sorry for the late reply. There's a log setting in v11 in the registry, which I hope Gareth can share with us here, which might be helpful for this.


          Best wishes,



            • SetLogFile in Monarch 11
              arceecola _



              I have a very similar problem with the SetLogFile method. I get Run-time error '-2147023170(800706be)' Automation error The remote procedure call failed when the program tried to run this line of code:

              t = objMonarch.SetLogFile("C:\MonTemp\MPrg_G5.log", False)


              Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.