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    Export to Excel failed

    JOHN1961 _

      I am trying to export a summary to an Excel workbook.  I am getting the error message:


         "The file is not in the epxected Excel format.  Only Excel 97 and higher versions are supported"


      I am using Excel 2002.  To get around this I export the summary to a new workbook then cut and paste into the workbook I want to export to.


      Anyone know why I am getting this error and what I can do to fix?



        • Export to Excel failed
          Grant Perkins

          Hi John,


          Your profile indicates V10.5 so is it safe to work on the basis that that is what you are using/this problem relates to? I have to ask as it's ia not always that simple!


          It sounds like the Export Options could be set to use an old version of Excel fiel formats. That would seem odd if you have had previous successes though.


          Certainly the first thing to check and eliminate. If that's not it  .... hmm. Not sure but I'm confident that someone will come up with further suggestions.


          Let us know.