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    Countif? Problem

    gico1972 _

      I am struggling to understand how i can create a summary that would allow me to use the count function based on the value of another field.


      In my case i want to count how many Flights i have each month. Thats the easy part. But i now whan to  count out of the 10 flights i have in April for example, how many of those have sold less than 10 seats


      Any help is much appreciated as i am struggling to see a COUNTIF function.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Countif? Problem
          Olly Bond

          Hello Gico,


          Assuming that is a measure in your summary, and is a key field, then you can get someway towards what you want by editing the properties of the key field and clicking on the "Matching" tab. Select the expression that the Measure < 10 and decide whether you want to roll up "All others" for the entries that don't match the expression.


          Hope this helps,