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    Walter Berendt

      I am using Monarch Pro trial Ver 11 and trying to convert report date format from MM/DD/YYYY to table format MMDDYYYY. Can someone help?



        • MM/DD/YYYY to MMDDYYYY
          Olly Bond

          Hello Walter, and welcome,


          If you want the data to remain in a field of the type DATE, then you'll need to adjust your Regional Settings in Windows to show (all) dates as MMDDYYYY.


          However, if you want to have the data manipulated into a text file, or comma separated CSV data, with the dates shown in that way, you can avoid mucking around with Regional Settings and do it in Monarch using a calculated field.


          Let's assume that in your model you have defined a field of type CHARACTER called , then a new calculated field of type CHARACTER, called , defined as:




          should do the trick.


          Hope this helps,