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    Export as sequential txt file

    SeanM _

      I need to create a fixed width sequential txt file from a Monarch 9 model without the invisible CR LF characters. Is this possible?




        • Export as sequential txt file
          Olly Bond

          Hello Sean,


          Yes. I presume that you have an input report file of some kind, either text or PDF or HTML? And that there's a model file in .xmod format? Then in Monarch you would open the report, open the model, and then you could export the table, or perhaps a summary, as a fixed width text file. Under the Options > Export & Clipboard settings you can set some CR/LF options, but if you don't have exactly what you need then it's a simple job in the Monarch Utility suite (that installs with Monarch) to replace all CR/LF codes with whatever you need.


          If you don't have Monarch installed and want to see a quick example of what the output could be, you can download Monarch v11 on a free trial from www.datawatch.com[/url].


          Best wishes,