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    Exporting from Monarch to Excel causes added single quote.

    molx _

      Maybe I am missing something, but i have searched the forums and anywhere else I am able to and cannot find the answer, so I am asking here.


      I am using Monarch Pro 10.5, and operating Monarch through C# using command line parameters to open, clean, and export reports used by my company.


      I am exporting the cleaned report to an excel spreadsheet and then importing that to an oracle DB table. When I export from Monarch to Excel, some of my columns are getting a single quote " ' " in front of the feild, which is causing a lot of issues when trying to import into the oracle table for querying.


      So my questions are: Is there a way to leave the single quote out of the export? and is there an option that I am missing that lets me use Monarch to import straight to the Database?


      ps: If I simple highlight and copy the entire table from Monarch into Excel, there is no added quote.


      EDIT It only happens when the column is labeled as a Character or Memo type. the numeric and Date feilds do not add the single quote.

      Thank you in advance.