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    Trying to grab varying lines of info.

    Amadeus23 _

      This should be an easy thing to do and it seems like I've done it before, but drawing a blank for some reason.  I need to pull the Balance amounts (bottom line for section), each payment above (if they had one), and the Company name.  Seems like I would make the bottom line the detail template and those above simply as an Apend.


      There's no real pattern to the number of payments, anywhere from zero to five, but the overall layout is the same, meaning they all say Payment, Balance, Company name..etc.


      I just need a general push to get me going.  Thanks


      Company A

      Payment   4,343

      Payment     544

      Payment   3,310

         Balance              132,130

      Company B

      Payment    400

         Balance               55,180

      Company C

         Balance              100,000