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    Monach 11 and older models

    livens _



      In my comapny we have users with Monarch versions spread out from v7 through 10. We have an Access database that imports data that needs to be ran through Monarch first. A while back we automated that process using vba.


      Now we have a new user who was given Monarch 11 and that automation is failing. We traced the problem to him not being able to use the .mod models that we all use. Has Monarch 11 dropped its support of these older models completely?


      We can convert our .mod to .xmod easy enough. However since the older monarch version cannot use the ..xmod models we would then need to support a 'special' version of that database just for v11 users. It would be simpler if version 11 could just use the .mod's.


      So my question is can version 11 be made to use the older .mod models?