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    Help with Footers on version 6.01

    crimsondog _



      I am having problems with a model that I am creating, I am using a detail trap and a footer and I need help because I am only showing one line in my footer but I need to create or trap a multi-line footer since some of the information has more than one line.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You.



        • Help with Footers on version 6.01
          Olly Bond

          Hello Nelson and welcome,


          It was a long time ago, but I think v6 was the last version to only support one footer template per model. I can't recall whether it doesn't allow you to select a multi-line template, though. Have you tried selecting multiple lines in the report window and clicking on the Refresh Sample Data button?


          Despite that, you shouldn't need a multi-line template for data that occasionally requires more than one line, as you can define the template on just one line, the trap line, and edit the field properties so the field ends one line number x. You can then get different bits of the field out in the table window using the Textline() function.


          Hope this helps,