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    Differences between V8 and V10

    seansrs968 _

      Can anyone tell me what the real differences are between the two verisions?



        • Differences between V8 and V10
          Olly Bond

          Hello Seansrs968 and welcome,


          It's been a while, but as far as I recall v8 was the first to be able to read PDFs. Most PDFs created before the time v8 was launched can be interpreted with the PDF import engine in v8. Since then, improved PDF import engines have been shipped with Monarch - v9, v9.01, v10 and v10.5, and now v11 - so a lot more PDF files are correctly interpreted. Another major improvement in v9 was the support for Excel - both massively faster export, and the ability to export summaries with Excel's outline function and the table with autofilter. You could also use 22 instead of 10 templates (handy if you've got XML data to parse), and use alternate trap characters so ÃÑß|Ø are available as literal traps (handy for SAP users where | is a frequent delimiter).


          In v10, two useful functions in the Report window are Column() and the ClearedBy setting on templates - each saving loads of time in allowing complex reports to be parsed in single models instead of having to use multiple passes. In the Summary window, you get the option to break exports on key values, so you can create one Excel sheet per region, say, from one summary, or export a summary with each filter applied to a separate spreadsheet. You also have multiple measures on an across-keyed summary. Monarch v10.5 introduced the Excel 2007 add-in called Context - this lets you export a table to Excel so that when you click on a row you can call up, within Excel, the source line of the data in the report. For the new features in v11: http://www.datawatch.com/Monarch/monarch_wn.php[/url]


          If you've got a particular report that v8 is giving you problems with and would like to know whether v10 will solve it, please post it here between tags as per my signature, or drop me an email.


          Hope this helps,