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    ***Monarch 11 Released Today***

    Gareth Horton

      Dear Datawatch Forum users,


      **Monarch V11 is now available.**


      Monarch 11 has been updated using the latest .Net technology, unlocking the benefits of multi-core

      processors and 64-bit operating systems. Introducing a brand new, up-to-date interface, it's easier to use and far more flexible.


      Here are a few highlights:


      Increased Capacity (up to 75% more data)

      Flexible Workspace

      Multiple Visible Summaries with live updating (e.g. applying filters)

      Complete Chart Overhaul with new chart grid functionality

      Multi-core support (multiple summaries are generated in parallel on multiple CPU / multi-core machines)

      Native 64-bit version available

      Enhanced Field List (can be kept open while you work, put it on another monitor if you like and changes are made live. Undo changes live too)

      Hierarchical Summary View (drill in and out of individual keys, pivot table style)

      Much improved web file functionality (SharePoint, WebDAV, FTP and now open files directly from a URL on the web)

      Enhanced Project & Model Information

      XML Export

      Enhanced Multiple Monitor support

      Easy (Ctrl-Mousewheel) Zooming

      Enhanced Search


      Many thanks to our Monarch 11 Beta Testers, all of whom are Datawatch Forum members.


      More information to follow.