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    Identifying Pages with PDF import

    tanny81 _

      Hi All,


      I am currently trying to import a pdf file using Monarch v10 Pro, but one of the requirements I have is to identify the page number where the data is coming from, I have tried adding footers/headers to the pdf document, but Monarch doesn't recognise these. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Identifying Pages with PDF import
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Tanny81,


          If the PDF is already split up into page numbers and they show correctly in Acrobat reader, then you can create a calculated field in the table window using the expression page().


          If you need Monarch to work out the page numbers for you from a PDF that isn’t broken up nicely, then create a ‘Page Header’ template on the line(s) that identify a new page.  Then use the calculated field as above.




            • Identifying Pages with PDF import
              Olly Bond

              Hello Tanny,


              Steve's quite right, and Page() or a Page Header template should cover nearly all cases.


              However, some PDF files have more than 254 lines of text on a page, and if there's no clear way to define a page header, then you might a snag.


              Hopefully a future version of Monarch will allow for this exception by removing or increasing the 254 line limit.


              Best wishes,