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    Extracting heirarchal data

    mp7 _

      I have data in a pdf file in a heirarchal format, similar to an org chart. Can Monarch pull the data out and maintain the relationships? It has up to 15 levels.

        • Extracting heirarchal data
          Olly Bond

          Hello mp7 and welcome,


          Yes - Monarch v10 can handle up to 22 hierarchical levels of data in one pass. And it can also read data from any PDF where the text layer is available. The acid test is that if you can copy the text from Acrobat Reader into Notepad, then Monarch should be able to read it also.


          You will probably have to think about using some calculated fields to clean up badly spaced data, possibly also the floating trap to capture everything you need, and also perhaps the Cleared By function and preceding string settings to handle exceptions in a deep hierarchy like this.


          But yes, you can do this in Monarch.


          Best wishes