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    Excel 7 Compatibility with Monarch

    bet2lay _

      I have been able in the past to pull up a report in Datawatch, choose the prf option and while the report is on the screen (before launching Monarch) highlight a row and copy and past into Excel (2002).  However, while trying to do the same with Excel 2007, it just pastes everything into one cell rather than individual columns.  Does anyone know why?  This is causing me to have to actually launch Monarch and then use a model to get what I want.

        • Excel 7 Compatibility with Monarch
          Olly Bond

          Hello bet2lay,


          Sorry that this is a non-answer, but I honestly don't know the fix to this. I'm sure that in the desktop Monarch forum there are experts who can help, but if I can chip my 2 (euro) cents, I'd say it sounds like you're doing way too much manual work in Excel if there's copy and paste involved. You can create automatic exports in Monarch Pro that will populate your Excel files for you. There's a load more hints and useful tools on Kruncher's www.********************[/url] which might help.


          Best wishes