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    Models crash new installation of Monarch 10.5

    Marc Osborne



      Our IT dept. upgraded my single user Monarch version 9 to Monarch 10.5 on our Terminal Server. Monarch starts fine, opens up reports (all recently used files and models appear as if it were still Monarch 9) but when I try to apply any model to a report Monarch stops working and I get a crash window that states "Monarch application file has stopped working". It has a drop down window with the following information...does anyone have suggestions for how to fix this problem? All my models are xmod types.






      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

        Application Name:     Monarch.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp:     4ac64ebd

        Fault Module Name:     Monarch.exe

        Fault Module Version:

        Fault Module Timestamp:     4ac64ebd

        Exception Code:     c0000005

        Exception Offset:     00305583

        OS Version:     6.1.7600.

        Locale ID:     1033

        Additional Information 1:     0a9e

        Additional Information 2:     0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

        Additional Information 3:     0a9e

        Additional Information 4:     0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789


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        • Models crash new installation of Monarch 10.5
          Grant Perkins



          If I understand correctly your IT people have installed the upgrade (Single user, not a network version) on a Terminal Server. Is that correct? I have no exposure to terminal servers or network versions so can't comment on that but has anyone verified that the new machine (or indeed you V9 machine) has all the latest require windows updates, notably for .NET?


          If not yet checked that would be something worth doing (to the level required for Monarch 10.5 at least) whether or not it resolves your problem.


          If already done, skip this and hopefully someone will be along shortly with directly applicable experience.




            • Models crash new installation of Monarch 10.5
              Steve Caiels

              Hi Marc,


              This is most likely to do with the Microsoft XML parser (msxml).  Do you have any of the old .mod model files?  They are plain text based rather than xml based and do not need the parser.  If .mod works, but xmod doesn’t,  then your msxml components are worth looking at in more detail.


              If you don’t have a .mod file, pm me with your email address and I’ll send you a test report and model.




                • Models crash new installation of Monarch 10.5
                  elginreigner _

                  In my experience, this can be to a few items. First, the install (upgrade) may have become corrupt. Or this could also be that the .NET framework is either not up to date or corrupt as well. Below are instructions I received from Support that will cover both options:


                  Monarch Clean Re-install


                  1. Close all running applications.

                  2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

                  3. Choose “Monarch Pro” and then click the “Remove” button.

                  4. In Monarch Setup Maintenance program, choose the option “Remove”, and then click “Next”.

                  5. Proceed with the next steps and wait for the uninstall process to finish.

                  6. Once Monarch Pro is uninstalled, open the Registry Editor by selecting Start > Run and then type in “regedit”.

                  7. Delete the “Monarch Pro” folder located in the folders:

                  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Datawatch

                  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Datawatch

                  8. Delete the folder “Datawatch Shared”, located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\.

                  9. Delete the “Monarch” folder under C:\Program Files\.

                  10. Reboot the machine.

                  11. Reinstall Monarch Pro.*


                  .NET Update/Upgrade/Re-install


                  1. Uninstall all versions of Monarch Pro using the above instructions

                  2. Uninstall all versions of .NET Framework. Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs

                  3. Run a disk clean up using the built-in disk cleaner of Windows.

                  4. Reboot your machine

                  5. Reinstall .NET Framework 3.5. You may download it from Microsoft's website:


                  6. Reinstall Monarch Pro


                  Hope this helps.