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    Delete Entire Row in Monarch?

    Jeppy _

      Good day to you all!


      I'm very new to Monarch and just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a simple question: "Is there any way to delete an entire row in a Table View?" You see, I have used Monarch's "Calculated Field" feature to extract the data that I need and it all went perfectly. As a result, a number of blank rows appeared and was wondering if there's any way to remove these blank rows. If there's no such feature in Monarch, can someone suggest an effective workaround for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you very much in advance to all of you!

        • Delete Entire Row in Monarch?
          RalphB _

          Hello Jeppy and welcome to the forum.


          Sorry to say but Monarch does not have a "Delete" feature.  The only way to remove those blank rows is to modify your template to trap on only certain numbers/characters in one of your fields or create a filter to select only if a certain field that needs to be poplulated is not null.


          Hope this helps.


          Let us know how this works out or if you need more help.