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    Nulls and Compound Filters

    Kamawell2 _

      I've got a report that I use Monarch to split up between a number of summaries.  The summaries are based on filters that look at a field called Location.  Location is populated by an external lookup. The filters are value-based and between them should cover all valid values for Location.  I've also got a compound filter that is just a string of NOT[filter1]AND NOT[filter2] and so on - this picks up any new locations that need to be investigated.  What it doesn't pick up are those occassions where the Location value is null.  In the value-based filters there's an option to include nulls and empty strings but that option isn't available in the compound filter definition screen.  I can make a dummy value filter that just has that option ticked and no values but I can't think of a way to combine the two. 


      Not an earth-shattering problem - I could just use both of these filters to catch the exceptions - but (as I've probably said before) I'm trying to keep everything as tidy as possible ahead of the possible rollout of Monarch (and these models) to a wider range of people on the department.  One filter is better than two!