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    Datapump 10.5 File Size Issue!

    Jim Weeks



      For some reason, the DWCHServer.ldf file on our DP server has swelled to over 219 GB!  It has eaten all of the disk space on our server and very little else will run.  I didn't pay any attention to this file size before so I don't know if its "sudden" but we keep getting a Low Disk Space Warning.


      Any help is very much appreciated.  I have also opened a ticket with Support but haven't heard back yet.


      Jim Weeks

        • Datapump 10.5 File Size Issue!
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Jim,


          The ldf file is 'managed' by SQL Server.  It's a backup of all the transactions that happen to the database and will keep growing until either a SQL backup is performed (not a Data Pump back) or you manually shrink the database.


          If you have SQL Management Studio installed it is fairly straight forward.

          1. Stop Data Pump (Full stop Pump, not just stop the service)

          2. Use MS Studio to change the Recover Model on DWCHServer to ‘Simple’


          3. Shrink the DWCHServer database.



          If you don’t have management studio, you should be able to download the Express version for free from Microsoft, but make sure it’s the correct version for you database.


          2005 Studio Express will not work with 2008 SQL Server or vice versa. 


          Also, I believe you need Studio 2008 R2 for Server 2008SP2, even though it is an R1 database.


          Other tools are available.  Toad from Quest Software is one I’ve heard mentioned but have no experience of.  The last time I saw this, the log file shrunk from 64gb to 2mb!